STAMI-COPE Professors receive DURIP Grant for Advanced Solar Cell Fabrication Equipment

STAMI Professors Seth Marder, Zhiqun Lin, Natalie Stingelin, and Carlos Silva have teamed to receive a Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant for equipment to establish a unique deposition and characterization station. The proposed system will consist of two interconnected gloveboxes, which will house a spin-coater, a bar-coater, a thermal evaporator and a vacuum oven, which combined, will enable solution-deposition of metal halide films and necessary post-deposition procedures needed for device fabrication. A spectroscopic characterization platform will be connected to this system for acquisition of absorption and emission spectra during and after film fabrication. For detailed post-fabrication assessment of the films and devices produced, a microscope equipped with an electroluminescence apparatus to visualize the quality of the devices will be provided. A basic current/voltage measurement kit will, in addition, be included for rapid device screening. This kit will include an optical fibre allowing monochromatic and white-light irradiation, and a current/voltage meter. The capabilities will provide the STAMI team with a platform to obtain rapid feedback on thin-film formation and device inhomogeneities in a wide variety of metal-halide perovksite systems studied within current (and future) DoD projects at Georgia Tech. The STAMI team includes members of the COPE, GTPN, and CRÄ€SI and are members of the Schools of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Materials Sciences and Engineering.