Dr. David G. Bucknall

Following a PhD studying polymer thin films using neutron scattering, he joined the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research (Mainz, Germany) as a post-doctorial researcher. He then returned to the UK as a research scientist at the UK national ISIS Neutron Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (1992-1999), and specialized in neutron scattering studies of thin films. He then joined the Department of Materials at University of Oxford (1999-2004) as a faculty member and taught various courses in polymers and composites. Dr. David G. Bucknall joined Georgia Tech in 2005, initially in the School of Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering department and subsequently in the School of Materials Science and Engineering when the schools merged in 2010. He currently serves as the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies in MSE.

Dr. Bucknall’s research interests are in areas associated with polymer interfaces and morphology, functionalized polymers and nanocomposites. His research exploits neutron and x-ray scattering as primary advanced characterization tools.  His current research includes using polymers to create fundamental building blocks for possible quantum computer architectures, hydrogels for maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, understanding the molecular origin of polymer deformation and fracture and the effects of morphology in organic electronics.  Bucknall can be reached by email at david.bucknall@mse.gatech.edu or more information may be found at http://www.mse.gatech.edu/faculty/bucknall.​